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I support the California Solutions to Homelessness and Mental Health Act

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The California Solutions to Homelessness and Mental Health Act is the only measure on the 2022 ballot that will guarantee hundreds of millions of dollars each year to fight homelessness and fund mental health treatment in California. 

The initiative achieves this by licensing, tightly regulating, and taxing online sports betting. In 2018, the Supreme Court ruled states could legalize betting on sports, and nearly half of the country has safely authorized online sports betting, generating revenue windfalls to fund state priorities. 

State revenue generated by the initiative can only be used to fund homelessness and mental health solutions like permanent shelter and addiction treatment services. 

The initiative will also generate millions annually to uplift California Tribal nations and their communities via a new, permanent tribal revenue stream.


Our initiative is backed by a bipartisan coalition of elected and non-profit leaders. Here’s what they are saying:

 “We need to think both creatively and long term to address California’s homelessness crisis. This initiative helps do that by generating hundreds of millions of dollars in badly needed revenue — without raising taxes on residents. Here in Fresno, and in communities across the state who are looking for ways to house their most vulnerable residents, this ongoing revenue stream will help us craft the critical long-term solutions needed to end homelessness.”

Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer

“If we permit and regulate online sports betting, California residents should benefit from it. Twenty-one other states have already made this decision, our state should be next. When all people have a safe and decent place to call home, it benefits entire communities. The funding this measure provides would provide a huge lift for efforts to deliver housing and support to people experiencing homelessness and make us all better off.”

Tomiquia Moss, CEO/Founder of All Home

“I’m joining my fellow mayors in endorsing this important initiative because this is an all-hands on deck moment in our fight against homelessness. To solve California’s homelessness crisis over the long-term, we need sustainable sources of funding to house those experiencing homelessness and provide them the medical and mental health services they need. That’s what this measure provides.”

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia

“Instead of leaving funding for homelessness and mental health services up to the whims of the economy, this initiative will create a stable and reliable funding source to tackle these immense challenges. If passed, this initiative will help countless Californians in times of crisis.”

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg

“This initiative is a critical step forward, dedicating revenue to the issue of homelessness is a win-win for our state. It would provide an ongoing funding source of hundreds of millions of dollars each year to fight homelessness and provide mental health services to those most in need. We are excited to partner with the coalition to pass this important measure in November 2022.”

Tamera Kohler, CEO of the Regional Task Force on Homelessness for the San Diego area

“Supporting this initiative is common-sense. It will create hundreds of millions of dollars each year that cities like Oakland can use to help those experiencing homelessness off our streets and into housing and supportive services.”

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf

“California needs to think big if we are going to be serious about tackling homelessness, and this initiative does just that. It could provide hundreds of millions each year in funding for proven solutions that help people experiencing homelessness come off the streets and into housing with supportive services.”

Elise Buik, President & CEO of the United Way of Greater Los Angeles

Questions and Answers

Eighty-five percent (85%) of all revenues raised will be placed in a trust account to fund homelessness solutions and mental health priorities – such as housing and substance abuse treatment – across California. This funding can only legally be spent on these priorities. The initiative requires the California State Auditor to conduct regular audits of all programs receiving funding to ensure every dollar is accounted for. Any state or local agency that misuses the funds can be compelled to return the misappropriated revenue. Fifteen percent (15%) of all revenue raised will be set aside to support Tribal communities.

The state’s independent financial analyst reviewed the initiative and found that the state can expect “mid-hundreds of millions” in tax revenue each year to fund homelessness and mental health solutions. The initiative accomplishes this through a 10% tax on gross online sports betting revenue and $100 million license fees paid by each online operator who participates in the market.

Yes. The initiative recognizes the important role of California Tribal nations in gaming. Any online sports betting operator seeking to participate in the California marketplace must do so by partnering with a California Tribe. Gaming Tribes may also launch their own independent online sports betting platforms. Even Tribes who don’t participate in the online sports betting will benefit. Under the initiative, 15% of the measure’s tax revenue will be allocated to California Tribes who don’t participate in the online marketplace.

No. A massive illegal, illicit online sports betting market is flourishing in California, with unscrupulous offshore betting websites providing the only avenue for Californians to place bets online and providing no revenue to the state. This initiative replaces those unregulated and untaxed illegal offshore sportsbooks with a safe, legal online sports betting market. Only well-established and regulated platforms with a track-record of safely operating in other states will be allowed to operate in California. 21 states plus Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia have authorized online sports betting in some form – proving that sports betting can be safe, regulated and generate significant revenue. Online sports betting is helping these states solve big challenges. California shouldn’t be left behind.

No. The initiative strictly limits online betting to individuals 21 years of age or older by requiring use of the most modern and proven know-your-customer technology, akin to the advanced systems utilized by global financial institutions, to enforce restrictions. Extra funding is provided to the state’s problem gaming treatment program, and the Act requires that online operators follow the same rules as in-person casinos to exclude those experiencing problem gaming.

No. The initiative expressly prohibits betting on high school or youth sports.

A coalition of homelessness advocates, mayors and respected national entertainment and companies are all backing the campaign.

I support the California Solutions to Homelessness and Mental Health Act